Therese Wenk

Therese Wenk
Modalities: Guided Meditation, Reconnective Healing
Experience: 20+ Years
City: Fehraltorf, Switzerland
Languages: English/German


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About Me

Hi dear, I am a channel for the amazing reconnective healing frequencies of our source. If you are looking for a change and a new level of well being, I'd love to assist you to reconnect with your unique soul's frequency. This new access allows you to balance, heal and step into more of who you truly are. I am also specialized in TwinFlame bond healings and SoulCoaching - a special interactive meditation to unlock the treasures of your soul. Let's meet and make a change, with love Therese

Conditions and Ailments I Can Work On

Aches, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Acute and Chronic Pain, Allergy, Arthritis, Asthma, Bladder Incontinence, Body Pain, Cancer, Cataracts, Cholesterol, Chronic Rhinitis, Cold, Constipation, Cough, Dyspepsia (Indigestion), Flu (Influenza), General Fatigue, Headaches, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Intestinal Gas, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Joint Pain, Kidney Stones, Menopause, Osteoarthritis, Pneumonia, Sinusitis, Skin Discharges, Sore Throat, Tonsillitis and Adenoiditis, Urinary Tract Infections, Alcohol/Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, Jet Lag, Mood Disorder, Panic Attacks, Panic Disorder, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Psychotic Disorder, Pulmonary Hypertension, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Sexual and gender disorders, Sleeping Disorder, Social Anxiety Phobia, Somatic symptom disorders, Stress, Tension


07/12/2018 12:37

wundervolle Therapeutin, wundervolle Sitzung, wie immer ! Viel Licht und Liebe auch Dir, liebe Therese

29/11/2018 01:10

Christina Martin
27/11/2018 11:00

wunderbar, überwältigend, Kraft spendend und aufbauend..Ganz herzlichen Dank, bis bald !

Christina Martin
26/11/2018 13:43

Wunderbare Sitzung bei einer wunderbaren, sehr empathischen Therapeutin.

21/11/2018 10:25

Nicole Bohl
18/11/2018 16:18

Therese is a wonderful healer and such a kind, supportive and beautiful person. I feel much more positive and grounded after my session with Therese. I really can't say enough wonderful things about her. She is an angel.

Maria Gan
11/10/2018 12:00

Maria Gan
25/09/2018 15:04

16/09/2018 10:17

Wundervoll, bereichernd, inspirierend,erdend! Vielen herzlichen Dank, liebe Therese! Wonderful, enrichening, inspiring, grounding! A heartful thank you, dear Therese!

10/09/2018 14:11

Wonderful, thank you Therese!

Dominique Wenk
09/09/2018 14:54

04/09/2018 21:37

Ganz sanft und leise öffnet sich eine Tür. Ich spüre keinen Widerstand. Die Sitzung mit Therese erhellt sanft und vorsichtig tiefere Schichten. Als ob sie einen Spalt gefunden hat, durch den sie einen Lichtstrahl bis ganz nach innen scheinen lässt. Softly and quietly a door is opening. I don´t feel any resistance. The session with Therese is softly and carefully illuminating deeper layers. As if she found a crack through which she shines a light into your very deep.

27/08/2018 19:53

Great! Thanks Therese, I feel very calm and peaceful.

Maria Gan
27/08/2018 13:33

Thank you for another intense but beautiful healing experience!

23/08/2018 19:30

Great session again, thanks Therese!

20/08/2018 19:31

Thanks Therese!

17/08/2018 19:30

Wonderful, thank you Therese! So much calmer.

13/08/2018 21:24

Fabulous, thank you!

Maria Gan
08/08/2018 19:32

And one more time thank you for your magnificent work, love and care!!

06/08/2018 19:29

Wonderful! Thank you Therese!

Maria Gan
03/08/2018 12:08

Thank you for another wonderful session!

Maria Gan
22/07/2018 12:05

pure gratitude is all I feel for the amazing support and work Therese is providing for me on my journey and in my healing process!

07/06/2018 19:28

Wonderful, thanks again!

01/06/2018 12:01

Liebe Therese viele viele Herzensdankeschöns. Das war jetzt so sehr hilfreich und ich bin ganz gespannt und so voll Vertrauen was sich alles zeigen und verändern wird. Ganz liebe Grüße Annegret

30/05/2018 10:45

Wow! Deep insights, liberating. Thank you, Therese

16/05/2018 04:04

Therese was very good. She got through me and cleared my blocks:). Forever grateful:)

Maria Gan
10/05/2018 13:31

Huge thank you again! As always mindblowing work!

M Rose
08/05/2018 16:29

Truly Beautiful Experience. Received a lot of cool insights and had a lovely conversation. Thank you! <3

Kim Oconnor
30/04/2018 19:46

Thank you for the healing Therese, you were so effective and compassionate.

Maria Gan
30/04/2018 10:55

Again another very powerful session! Through Therese's assistance my overall well being and health is constantly improving.

Aislin Oconnor
22/04/2018 17:04

Thank you! Huge shifts again :)

Aislin Oconnor
22/04/2018 16:32

Thank you so so much!

Maria Gan
18/04/2018 15:17

Therese is an amazingly gifted beautiful soul and very powerful healer who has helped me improve my well-being on all levels in a tremendous way and within a very short period of time. The words "Thank you" can barely express the gratitude I feel!

Iola Iola
14/04/2018 02:07

Therese is remarkable, she works quantumly and energetically and it is felt/sensed in the moment physically. I can not give justice to her work in words. Highly recommend! She is like a new quantum doctor.

Aislin Oconnor
12/04/2018 19:24

Therese helped me immensely to move some energy that wasn't mine and was causing problems for me. She is a compassionate healer and I highly recommend her.

Maria Gan
12/04/2018 10:37

Maria Gan
22/03/2018 16:30

Anna Licis
16/03/2018 21:31

It was wonderful and uplifting! Very happy to connect with other Twin Flames in the world. Our journey becomes a joy and we can shine that joy we radiate to all people on the planet Earth. Therese is an amazing soul with great knowledge and passion to help people. Xxx

Aislin Oconnor
25/02/2018 20:00

Incredible. Therese is a powerful healer.

Oded Lobel
24/02/2018 16:45

I usually don't feel much during sessions, but with Therese it was really strong , and I even saw images that are not from this world!. Her compassion and her powers are a perfect combo , and I would recommend having a session with Therese to anyone!

Aislin Oconnor
04/02/2018 18:28

Incredible healer. Therese continues to shift some major energy for me.

Aislin Oconnor
28/01/2018 17:13

Theresa is a wonderful, intuitive healer. I highly recommend her.

Natalie Esser
14/01/2018 12:12

Therese is an outstanding healer, very focused and lovingly providing space for all the processes, that want to take place. It´s been really light, high vibrations and I could feel the work taking place on the different levels.. The session felt very gentle, safe and compassionate. Highly recommended! Therese ist eine großartige Heilerin und bietet auf sehr fokussierte, liebevolle Weise Raum für die Prozesse, die stattfinden.. Ich konnte wirklich sehr helle, helle, hohe Frequenzen wahrnehmen und spüren wie diese auf verschiedenen Ebenen gewirkt haben.. Die Sitzung hat sich sehr sanft, sicher und mitfühlend angefühlt. Sehr zu empfehlen!

Nabil Ismail
16/11/2017 13:14

This was my first ever Reconnective Healing session and it was absolutely amazing. Therese began this session by explaining about Reconnective Healing, its types, its benefits and the procedure that she would follow during the session. She walked me through her journey in Reconnective Healing and also gave me a clear picture of what all sensations I may feel during the session. When we started the session, I felt a sensation on my chest, my feet and also at the back of my neck. When the session ended, Therese explained me the reason for each. She also explained me how do I balance out myself in terms of energy. Therese, I cannot thank you enough for this session and I truly appreciate every minute of it. I look forward to more sessions with you and pray that you find more success and happiness always! - Nabil