Sandra Guedes

Sandra Guedes
Modalities: EFT, Matrix Reimprinting
Experience: 2-4 Years
City: Shoreham by Sea, United Kingdom
Languages: English/French/Portuguese/Spanish


(55 Reviews)

About Me

Sandra Guedes is an adventurer who fell in love with Indiana Jones. She read way too many adventure books and lived on the edge of the unknown and cultural ecstasy until she became a Medicine Woman that gave birth to a Spiritual Teacher in love with healing. Now, she encourages others to follow their dreams, raise their vibration, save Planet Earth and experience what they truly are in the process.

Conditions and Ailments I Can Work On

Aches, Acute and Chronic Pain, Allergy, Asthma, Body Pain, Cancer, Chickenpox, Cholesterol, Cold, Constipation, Cough, Diarrhea, Fever, Fibromyalgia, General Fatigue, Headaches, Hemorrhoids, Joint Pain, Laxatives for Constipation, Skin Discharges, Sore Throat, Alcohol/Substance Abuse, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorder, Fear, Hypersensitivity, Impulse Control, Insomnia, Jet Lag, Loss, Miscarriage, Mood Disorder, Nightmare Disorder, Obesity and Weight Loss, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Panic Attacks, Panic Disorder, Personal Growth, Personality Disorder, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), Quitting Drinking, Sexual and gender disorders, Sleeping Disorder, Smoking and Quitting Smoking, Social Anxiety Phobia, Spiritual Awakening, Stress, Tension


Sergio Maia
21/09/2018 00:27

Sergio Maia
10/09/2018 09:24

Sergio Maia
03/09/2018 12:30

The session with Sandra was like a journey into the unknown for me, but she guided me wisely to the answers to a physical (skin) problem. She helped me to know a great part of me that I did not know.

Jesus Hdz Acevedo
05/06/2018 13:26

Estoy encantado con Sandra la sesión me pareció magnífica, me gustó como me fue guiando en la sesión hasta llegar a un nivel muy profundo... Sandra es una persona muy profunda que llega a los asuntos espirituales de una firma fácil y simple pero atinada ... Gracias Sandra, muchas gracias healing clouds.

Tom Charman
15/05/2018 20:13

I’d like to offer a massive thank you to Sandra for an excellent EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting session. I myself am an eft practitioner and could recognise the quality of the session. Sandra has a warmth and confidence that makes you feel relaxed and assured, and with her intuitive guidance, I was able to do some deep subconscious work. Sandra’s natural ability and experience as a practitioner were obvious, as she knew the perfect words to use for me, at the perfect time throughout the session, to create a bespoke, meditative healing experience. I feel that some energetic unblocking has occurred! (: Thanks again Sandra. In Lak'ech Ala K'in. Tom. (:

Amanda Wilby
07/05/2018 19:55

Sandra is a fluent and highly-intuitive reader of energy and our session together had a big impact. I highly recommend working with Sandra!

Rena Gough
24/04/2018 09:32

Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for your time <3

Alfredo Lefranc
23/04/2018 17:19

The session was a new experience for me, it got to deeper levels really fast and I felt good at the end. Connection problems and distance made the session less fluent, though.

Salina Dutton
20/04/2018 12:47

Another incredible session with Sandra! Each session brings up something new and takes you on an enlightening and eye-opening journey! Thank you again Sandra for your wisdom and guidance.

Fabien Patton
19/04/2018 06:04

Sandra Guedes's healing session was so informative and in depth that leaves you no longer requiring anything else. She handled my emotions and energy with complete care and allowed me room to identify my blockages as well as to how I could heal them. I am blown away and I didn't think I'd ever feel this clear in my life. This session is worth every second. Love and light to you all!!!

Jennifer Andrews
17/04/2018 16:46

Wow I had an amazing session with Sandra and i cannot thank her enough. I highly recommend her if you're looking to transform your life. Thanks again Sandra!! Much love x

Ama Edozien
16/04/2018 18:33

Such a kind soul and supportive spirit. Thank you! May you heal as I heal, for you are just as much the antidote as the one in my thoughts. Shalom.

Dr Ndidi Nnoli
16/04/2018 02:28

Sandra is a very gentle, intuitive practitioner and was a pleasure to work with. Clearly deeply committed to her vocation, she is easy to trust and connect with. An active listener, her presence enables a quite effortless and natural navigation through a deeply spiritual experience. I am always impressed by people who have found and follow their calling with passion, heart and skill, and this is in my view is an apt description of Sandra. I recommend her highly.

Martha Gomez Arizmendi
07/04/2018 15:11

Sandra es una mujer muy intuitiva y amorosa en la sesión me sentí guiada con mucho cuidado y mucha precisión. Hicimos un trabajo profundo que sigue resonando en otros aspectos de mi vida que no trabajamos específicamente. Fue una sesión sanadora e iluminadora. La recomiendo muchísimo.

Dorota Sabat
07/04/2018 10:45

Salina Dutton
06/04/2018 11:08

Just finished my healing session with Sandra and not really sure if I have the words to express what just happened... In only one session she took me so deeply into exploring issues I have held and struggled with my entire life, and gave me a whole new way of feeling, seeing and relating to them!! Sandra works so intuitively, what she does really goes beyond technique - it is pure inspiration, magic and a gift! She also made me feel completely safe from the first moment to open up and express exactly as I needed to. After having worked with these same issues using different modalities for several years now, I feel like this session has taken my healing journey to a whole new level. Thank you Sandra, I am so so grateful for the love, energy and insight you shared with me today! Just WOW. Salina

Artur Cordeiro
06/04/2018 09:47

Boa sessão. Nada do que eu estava à espera. Muito bom. Recomendo mesmo a que não precisa de ajuda ou acha que os problemas não tem solução. Boa professional.

Isaura Cordeiro
06/04/2018 08:49

Fantástico. Gostei foi surpreendente. Pensei que ia ser algo muito superficial e afinal a causa era muito mais profunda do que estava à espera. Recomendo! Goste mesmo muito.

Isa Vieira
05/04/2018 13:38

Sandra is a fantastic practiotioner. She makes you feel very confortable and can deal with confidence whatever issue come from the session. I'm amazed how powerful the process were and how good I am feeling after the session. Thank you Sandra

Fuki Otani
05/04/2018 09:05

I had a great session. Now I know what to work with for now. Thank you thank you Sandra!

Gina Labrosse
04/04/2018 12:26

This was my first healing session, I always thought I wasn't a spiritual person so this sounded a little bit crazy but I was curious so I did it! And well it felt very good, Sandra really listened and also guide me trough my feelings and my pain. It was a really nice and interesting first experience for me! I recommend her, she's unique and she's a good person. Gina

Mike Wisniewski
03/04/2018 20:01

Heey. Sandra is super-positive and 100% natural happy person. It gives me inspiration to talk to people like this and try-out some new techniques into personal growth. Thanks for the session! Mike.

Sarah Connor
03/04/2018 13:58

Es dificil describir la sesión con Sandra en palabras. A pesar de mi escepticismo natural desde el principio Sandra conectó conmigo más allá del plano mental a través de la respiración y la hora pasó tan rápido como 10 minutos. En ese tiempo pude explorar emociones y recuerdos fluir bajo una gran energía positiva. Me siento muy feliz con la experiencia y recomiendo a Sandra como profesional honesto y de confianza. Gracias Sandra!

Karin Cordwell
03/04/2018 12:05

Amazing!! Thank you so much. What an incredible, intuitive and powerful session. Sandra connects on such a deep level, guides with confidence, insight and love, The amalgamation of approaches work beautifully. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Much love and blessings xx

Alison Blanchard
03/04/2018 10:49

Well, for someone that thought they didn't need healing, it was a surprising and revealing session. Expertly guided by Sandra, I found subconscious thoughts and concepts that had been lying deep down and dripping nasties into my life. I'm not really a trippy hippy, happy clappy kind of a girl, I'm more of a list making, practical person, so this was particularly surprising to me. Sandra understood what I was trying to say, and perceived the things I didn't even know I was saying and fed them back to me in a way that was enlightening and refreshing. I would highly recommend that you are open to the idea of trying a healing sesssion and would even more highly recommend it's with Sandra.

Jessica Pescada
31/03/2018 20:39

Quando pensei em fazer a sessão com a Sandra eu achava que o problema pelo qual estava a passar era pequeno ou superficial. Mas mais uma vez a Sandra me ajudou a ir mais profundo nos meus sentimentos e pensamentos consegui descobrir coisas que eu não tinha noção podessem ter impacto na minha vida. ... sem dúvida que é uma boa profissional e que não desiste do seu cliente.

Terezka Rothova
31/03/2018 19:29

The session with Sandra was absolutely brilliant. I did expect to go into unknown places and areas of my life, but we went not even that far away. The starting part was so powerful that i had absolutely no problem to connect to my past, images were popping up on their own, my physical sensations were not so strong and it allowed me to work with images so much more. It was very different and very soothing to my body and soul. I am a Faster EFT practitioner myself and have to say that Sandra really has got a MASSIVE gift. The only negative part was, that the session had to end exactly in one hour and i would have loved just a tiny bit of slower return into reality. But one is for sure i CAN FLY, i just need to allow myself to FLY and i believe I even know how to allow myself to do whatever i want. Thanks a million Sandra. Thank you so much for this gift. Lots of love. xoxo

Asselle Seitmagzimova
31/03/2018 17:24

Wow! Having worked with many people of all sorts of modalities and being a practitioner myself, I am well impressed with your work. Your wisdom runs deep and I love how your intuition guides the session. Working with an ancient pattern that I'd struggled to shift on my own, I discovered latent power that I had disowned. Sandra guided me into deep layers of the subconscious and helped me find the key that I had been missing before. She so masterfully and creatively combined many modalities to guide me to where I needed to go. The shift feels incredible! I only wish there was more time to complete the process - the system cuts the session off at exactly an hour.

Nelia Estroia
31/03/2018 10:09

It was so great!! Sandra's voice and energy allowed me to relax and surrender. It was an intense and emotional trip. I feel relaxed, warm, light and happy! I'm so grateful Sandra! I loved it!

Tami Molina
30/03/2018 19:36

La verdad una linda experiencia caminando por mis emociones mas profundas.. simplemente gracias por tener esta oportunidad... gracias sandra por ayudarme en este proceso de sanacion y evolucion.. te quiero mucho fue hermoso compartir y poder ver la verdad contigo... conocerce.. cerrar los ojos para poder mirar... y enfrentar situaciones de la mano de una amiga gracias! Solo es mas dificil,mucho amor . Placer

Sue Crawshaw
30/03/2018 10:40

Sandra is amazing. She has such a beautiful energy around her and she truly listens and gets to the root of your problem. Every time I work with Sandra she helps me release old stuck energy from 40years ago. If you want change in your life then Sandra will help you to do this. Results are also very fast.

Gisela Fernandes
30/03/2018 08:53

Obrigada pela experiência. Sinto-me muito mais leve e percebi alguns dos problemas que sinto na minha relação. Obrigada por teres dedicado tanto do teu tempo e de não me teres enqaunto não descobrimos o problema. Beijinhos

Ingrid Gipson
29/03/2018 15:50

I connected with Sandra to get some help healing some blocks that were holding me back from starting my business, that I was keen to release. What I experienced was nothing less than a miracle. With her warmth and gentle encouragement she led me on a healing journey that spanned several generations of my family and enabled me to find forgiveness and release leaving me feeling ready to conquer the World! She knew just what to say and I felt completely supported at all times. I can't recommend her enough! Thank you Sandra and bless you :)

Victor Megias
27/03/2018 08:17

I felt very good at the end of the session. I recommend this healer, professional, kind and very friendly!

Carl Angelo
26/03/2018 07:43

Brilliant session very insightful!

Davon Roberts
25/03/2018 16:25

Sandra's was easy to connect with and easy instructions made it a powerful session! Her guidance helped me feel in areas that I've long been numb to. Thank you so much 🙏.

Ross Mackenzie
23/03/2018 11:01

Great session, very interesting and feeling lots of tension relief, positivity and self acceptance

Edwin Kuprienko
23/03/2018 08:50

Sandra has amazing passion to work deeply on transformation and healing. She has great intuitive approach helping to pinpoint energy blocks and works beautifully on releasing them. I very happy with this session.

Tori Graskemper
23/03/2018 08:45

I would give Sandra a 5 out of 5. Even though I was still having a hard time letting go of my attachments, she gave me more time to work through my issues and come to more of a resolve. Even though we were a bit done with time! She explained everything well and has a great, soothing voice to guide you through workings on yourself :) She gave me adequate time to process with my guides and also give me gentle nudges throughout my self work This was a great experience.

Leanne James
22/03/2018 10:42

well where do i begin, sandra has such a beautifully open energy that allowed me to feel safe and secure enough to completely open up. I was guided and held along my journey and even ended the session with tears of release. I cant thank Sandra enough and i really look forward to watching my life move forward now that we have tackled some of my biggest blockages. I Highly recommend sandra, shes so warm, welcoming and loving, her light is infectious. thank you so much, love and light xxx

Roger Cupul
21/03/2018 15:13

Sandra it's capable to recognize that part of yourself that needs heal attention, only by a key question. She is amazing! I'm impressed how easy was to recognize that thing that was bothering me. I'm grateful with her. I do recommend her.

Karla Levy
20/03/2018 04:28

AMAZING! I tried healings before, but I had never experienced something like I did today, Sandra is wonderful, she was able to take me by the hand deep inside my fears until we found the root of my "superficial" problem nowadays. She is a natural healer. Believe me! She was able to feel me and managed to guide me smoothly and perfectly until I felt comfortable within myself. I will definitely come back for more!

Kaitlin Foley
19/03/2018 12:37

Sandra helps tap you into all the places that you can not see, that are in pain, keeping you stuck and holding you back from truly living and being your greatest dream

Maria Knez
19/03/2018 10:15

Very relaxing and helpful <3

Sam Fowler
19/03/2018 08:01

That was amazing! Sandra was the calming voice I needed. Can not thank her enough..

Ana Cordeiro
18/03/2018 21:45

Sandra understood when there was blockage and worked to get me pass it, by making me understand where it came from. She put me at ease to express what I was feeling at the time, giving me the cue words for me to go even deeper, and understand the root of my emotions! Her techniques are amazing! I asked for a deep healing and that is exactly what I got!

Luisa Silva
18/03/2018 11:00

Foi maravilhoso conseguimos objetivos sem muito esforço muito paciente e chegamos ao mais profundo duma dor fisica passamos á raiz emoçional e energetica do stressy que me acompanhou até aos dias de hoje--- Gratidão

Emma Lenihan
16/03/2018 10:57

Sandra is amazingly, fantastic. She supported me to quickly find my blocks and helped me to understand, forgive and release them. I feel so much lighter and full of love. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I will definitely recommend everyone to have a healing session with Sandra.

Sergio Guedes
16/03/2018 03:15

Foi uma grande sessão obrigado sandra pela atenção recomendo é muito paciente e sensível quer realmente ajudar de coração . Mais uma vez obrigado pela a ajuda descobrir a raiz da minha ansiedade é um grande passo para criar novas decisões cumprimentos

Christine Stowe
14/03/2018 02:40

Sandra is an incredible sensitive and intuitive healer. In our session she was able to trust herself enough to give me messages that resonated deeply and allowed a level of healing I've never before experienced! Being a healer myself its hard to find someone who can take me to such places, Sandra is the One!

Brotherslim Dan
12/03/2018 10:17

Absolutely amazing, it's not easy to let go of old beliefs or step out from your driving seat. You really have open my eyes to a whole new world and I could never thank you enough

Gavin Patterson
12/03/2018 03:16

Sandra really allowed choice and time throughout the session. We stepped into my darkness and worked on some really hurtful and hard stuff and I felt safe to do so with her. I recommend a session with Sandra, she's really good.

Cristiano Gaudencio
11/03/2018 09:59

Wonderful! Sandra will change your life

James Karlotski
11/03/2018 05:31

Sandra is a very patient and capable healer, with a strong understanding of the body, the emotions and the energy systems that flow through us. I feel much better after my session! Thank you.

Roaadie Rahul
10/03/2018 04:22

wonderful... This is so good.Feeling a lot better now.