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Kate Winch

Practices EFT
Experience 20+ Years
Session Charges $300

Kate is a speaker, EFT tapping practitioner and intuitive reader. She loves helping bring balance, harmony and general well-being to her client’s lives. Kate has been supporting her clients follow their dreams for over 20 years. She is a Tapping Practitioner and is amazed by the results she has been having with her clients and in her own life. She is very passionate about teaching tapping to people, this is a simple technique you can do on yourself. Kate loves using tapping for Abundance by clearing negative emotions, limiting beliefs and other blocks in the way of feeling great and attracting what you want! These techniques are extraordinary for releasing stress, anger, fear, worry, guilt and other negative emotions that get in the way of happiness.

Kathleen Botsford

Kate was wonderful! I was a little nervous with the platform but Kate's calming energy immediately set me at ease and in the perfect frame of mind and body for the healing. I have done a lot of healing work but Kate found my block and helped me move thru it with love and compassion.

07/06/2018 19:02
Tony Jenkins

Another amazing and inspiring session with Kate!

09/05/2018 22:31
Layla Centorrino

I LOVE Kate - she's so great at listening and hearing the deeper aspects inside my story and then helping clarify, clear and move on!

08/05/2018 23:27
Katherine Carter

Kate made my session I was worried "EFT wouldn't work" for completely accessible and playful as we tapped our way through my blocks. I so enjoy her appreciative and loving approach as we wrestled our way through several things I judge myself about. Thanks Kate!

07/05/2018 19:43
Kianchi Hiro

Kate, Thank you for the care and inspiration you provide. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to do the tapping sessions and look forward to working with you again! ~ K

30/04/2018 21:04
Aislin Oconnor

Thank you Kate!

24/04/2018 21:00
Heather Cohen

Kate is very compassionate and intuitive. I am lucky to have found her and to be supported by her.

20/04/2018 15:12
Candice Janeen

I love Kate!! I am so thankful I found her and tapping. It has changed my life! She is so supportive and warm. She has given me the support and tools to move forward into my goals and dreams. I highly recommend doing a session with Kate!

16/04/2018 22:07
Heather Cohen

22/03/2018 22:55
Tony Jenkins

5 stars! Kate is an excellent coach who always provides gentle guidance and support on all my challenges. Her positivity is infectious and her intuition is spot-on. I wish I could talk with her everyday!

22/03/2018 07:52
Amy Carr

I just had a session with Kate and it was fantastic! She is intuitive, wise, soothing and insightful. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to deal with anxiety, stress or any issue at hand.

21/03/2018 15:28
Clara Chorley

Kate knows how to dive under the surface to what's really going on... and clear it. Feeling lighter and re-connected to possibility. Thank you!

19/03/2018 21:58
Quinn Morgan

Kate will discover and help you unearth whatever is holding you back. I feel more embodied and powerful than I have in years. Thank you, Kate!

16/03/2018 18:18
Barbie Kamiel

I can"t express how helpful it was to clear some old energy patterns and habits with Kate. She is such a magical soul!

14/03/2018 20:15
Priscilla Thorner

Kate is an intuitive and caring healer. I felt so relaxed and happy after our session. Thanks Kate!

14/03/2018 18:46
Katherine Urbanski

It was a great session - I will do more work with Kate. She is so helpful.

09/03/2018 19:12
Maggie Keller

I loved the session. I was able to identify how tapping is healing. Kate was helpful and kind. Unfortunately my computer gave me a hard time and I only experienced half the time. Thank you. The support team was very, very, helpful too.

08/03/2018 00:34
Katherine Carter

Kate was kind, tender, and wonderful in walking me through healing of something I thought was long taken care of that unexpectedly popped up in my session.. so powerful.

07/03/2018 23:23
Katherine Carter

Kate was kind, tender, and wonderful in walking me through healing of something I thought was long taken care of that unexpectedly popped up in my session.. so powerful.

07/03/2018 23:23
Linnea Siden

Great session with Kate, I am super grateful to have worked to release blocks! I know my business and me personally will benefit a lot from this! :)

07/03/2018 19:46
Rona Kremer

Kate is an amazing, brilliant, nurturing healer! Thank you so much for a soul-inspiring session. :)

05/03/2018 22:58
Ann Quilty

Really enjoyed the session with Kate. I feel so much calmer and happier having spoken to her. I'm also feeling very inspired and motivated for the future now.

05/03/2018 21:46
Meenakshi Ramesh

It was an amazing healing session with Kate! She helped me clear my blocks to success. By the end of our session,I gained valuable insights and felt as if I was led into this wonderful journey to access my inner wisdom and strength.Kate was very kind and supported me in a very gentle manner.Thank you, Kate!

05/03/2018 20:35
Louise Delaplaine

Today's session with Katie Winch was a definite home run. Even though don't meet in person, I feel that she is right there with me, encouraging me and help me find answers, solutions, motivation and peace. This was 5 star royal treatment in the privacy and convenience of my home.

04/03/2018 07:25
Janie Basile

Kate is a very competent, experienced practitioner. She has a great "bedside manner" and it's obvious she really cares about the person she's working with. I will definitely work with her again.

04/03/2018 07:24
Diana Waldow

Kate is an excellent practitioner of EFT. She is very compassionate and insightful. I am going through an extremely difficult time in my life and she provided much needed relief. I highly recommend Kate for EFT work.

03/03/2018 19:22
Donata Tortella

Kate is amazing. She's is highly perceptive and she managed to make me feel very calm and accepting. I wasn't feeling well so it was not an easy task. I couldn't recommend her more highly. Five stars! I would give her a 10 if i could.

03/03/2018 19:12
Barry Rose

Kate is gifted, so tuned in, thoughtful, skillful, insightful, and loving. It's simply an honor and a pleasure to have spent an hour with her. I can only hope and wish for more. Thank you

22/02/2018 00:32
Cindy Wilson

Kate is a master at helping work with issues and helping you resolve and release the pieces attached and find and unwind the threads so you reach the "core" and depth that help you heal. I feel grounded again in the truth of who I am with a greater strength to walk through and transform my fears and heal my body and spirit. I always find the way to laugh and feel joy. She also had great input for how to continue and what else might be helpful for my personal path.

21/02/2018 23:19
Tilda Kapuya

Kate is a great listener. I loved how she incorporated what I shared with her into our session and into her guidance immediately. I love how personalized the session was. Thank you!

21/02/2018 19:45
Julie Ann Howlett

Amazing!! Kate is a blessing. She is so healing and nurturing in her voice and overall presence and she is so knowledgeable in her craft. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't met her and been introduced to EFT! She is amazing, truly.

20/02/2018 00:16
Sue Beth Bennion

It (Kate) was incredible; the session was full of so much that I can gather and assimilate. I know the benefits will become clearer and clearer, more real and more full each day. Compassionate, caring and so intuitive, Kate has., I think, helped me know or expand more parts of myself. Her skills are formidable and I feel the benefits to me will manifest more and more with time.

19/02/2018 23:11
Gregory Paramore

amazing . insightful very helpful. Very happy with the session.

19/02/2018 21:45
Camronn Huff

Wonderful life changing session! I feel so much more whole and complete now, and the issues resolved in such unexpected ways. Thank you so much!

19/02/2018 20:31
Julie Greenberg

Kate is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone who is exploring EFT. She is very intuitive at getting to the underlying issues and she helps unblock stuck feelings. If you’re suffering and you want to start to feel better and learn the tools of EFT you should definitely have a session with her!

15/02/2018 17:33
Maureen Love

Kate truly is magical. She is beyond gifted. She is so skilled in tapping and taking you through the process. When I started the session I was so heavy emotionally. I felt suffocated and stuck. Within minutes of the tapping (EFT) I could literally feel my energy and emotion change! It's also the words she uses to guide you through what's meant to be released.

14/02/2018 23:19
Carol Kemp

Kate is fabulous. She gets to the heart of the matter in minutes. Tapping is great, so visceral and Kate has a huge heart. Thank you so much. I feel so much lighter!!!!

14/02/2018 19:46
Robbie Miles

Kate was fantastic. Very quick to get to the sticking points and help un-stick them! Practical feedback on the on-line format: I didnt see a full screen option - that would have been nice for feeling more immersed in the conversation.

13/02/2018 00:18
Aislin Oconnor

Kate is incredible and moved a lot of energy for me today. I now feel like I can move forward with some good next steps.

12/02/2018 23:00
Damon Miller

The tapping is so powerful, and I marvel at how skillful Kate is in guiding the session. I look forward to working more with her.

12/02/2018 21:47
Meredith Wilensky

Very powerful experience. I felt really comfortable opening up to Kate and I felt like she really heard me. After the session, I felt like I was inhabiting my body in a totally different way. Highly recommend.

12/02/2018 20:31

We covered so much in little time, I feel grounded and calm

10/02/2018 15:58
Sonia Dabboussi

Kate was fantastic! She was so insightful and quickly got to the root of the issues I was working through today. I haven't felt this uplifted and free of heavy burdens for such a long time. Thank you!

10/02/2018 09:05
Taylor Reno

Kate is truly wonderful. She found the words to describe exactly how I was feeling. I hope I can harness this new found forward momentum to help me take the necessary next steps.

07/02/2018 23:19
Nikola Clay

I feel so much lighter after my session with Kate. I was in crisis mode, an emotional wreck when we started. Thankfully, I was able to keep going through the tears with her incredibly compassionate support and timing. EFT is a very powerful tool for transformation and Kate helped me navigate the scary waters of deeply rooted emotional trauma. What a gift she is for anyone who is ready to release the past and let in more magic and miracles.

07/02/2018 20:37
Erika Pmm

Kate is amazing !! the session was beyond I expected. We cleared blocks to abundance, health and prosperity and also work on childhood issues, all in one session. She is a talented natural healer and knows how to guide you and be supportive while on the session. She makes it easy to work on difficult issues and the result is healing. Fantastic session. Thanks Kate and thanks to Healing Clouds!!

07/02/2018 19:56
Anna Yang

Kate really knows how to guide me through exactly what I needed to be "tapping" on to resolve and dissolve blocks from living my best life. She is very personable, thoughtful, supportive and thorough..

06/02/2018 00:18
Rachel Rodriguez

Kate is a wonderful teacher and caring coach guiding people through EFT practices. I had a total shift in energy from a challenging place to one more grounded, peaceful and light!

05/02/2018 23:01
Serena Zanello

Working with Kate is always great. I love her energy and her tapping work brings relief and self-awarness in my life. I'm grateful for having her as a my guidance during hard times. Thank you

05/02/2018 20:32
Jon Bennion

Had an awesome session with Kate today! She really listened and understood what I wanted to work on and gave me some great advice as well. I will continue to work with Kate in the future.

04/02/2018 07:56
Stephanie Yount

Kate has a wonderful gift in being present. I really appreciated how relaxed and easeful the session felt. I also appreciated how much space there was for me to air my experience as we went, making me feel that all parts of me were truly welcome. Thank you, Kate!

01/02/2018 00:33
Kim Kakebe

My session with Kate was a real pleasure. I felt she attentively listened to me to develop a solid understanding of where I am at right now. The tapping itself was insightful as I felt she was able to zero in on some of my most resistant beliefs and feelings. Her words pretty much perfectly echoed what I had been feeling. Now at the end of the session I feel much calmer with a sense of clarity and much less resistance. I would have no trouble recommending Kate to help you clear the cobwebs and start feeling stronger and better in yourself.

31/01/2018 23:21
Heather Cohen

Words can't express how thankful I am to have found Kate. She has helped me turn my life around.. She makes me feel heard, seen, and understood. I came to the session with a heavy heart and left feeling optimistic. Kate helped me set a plan into motion and the tapping enabled me to feel a shift in both my mind and body. Kate, thank you for empowering me and most importantly allowing me to feel cared for, safe and supported.

31/01/2018 00:16
Susan Laurita

I had a great session with Kate. She is very compassionate and really helps you to dive deep into whatever you bring to the session. I had many insights during our session and look forward to working with her again. I give Kate 5 stars. She is very professional.

30/01/2018 07:13
Kristen Kanerva Richards

I loved her words, energy, and the way way she connects with clients. She has an amazing way with words and with clients. My session was very helpful and truly cleared my mind and set the tone for a new way to look at my situation. Excellent experience!

30/01/2018 07:11
Kirsten Hill

Kate was very supportive and understanding in her approach to helping me release stress and get clear on my professional path. I started my session feeling a great deal of fear and worry, and ended up finding more joy and possibilities for my life. I highly recommend Kate Winch's Tapping sessions for you, if you want to release negative emotions and blocks, and become more aligned with the greatness of who you are.

30/01/2018 00:17
Alice Grange

I felt heard, supported and encouraged. Many thanks Kate.

26/01/2018 20:30
Bint Mmk

26/01/2018 18:24
Manal Khalife

Kate is so kind and tender and helps you get clarity about where to start, what to let go of, and what you want to bring into your life. I am so grateful we connected at a very difficult time in my life. I feel lighter and more prepared to make some big decisions I need to make. Thank you, Kate!

24/01/2018 19:46
Jennifer Barbato

Kate Winch is amazing. Her work is transformative and healing. She herself, is lovely, kind and wise. I want to work with her again and again.

24/01/2018 00:01
Rena Tucker

Kate Winch is a genius! Our EFT tapping session helped me heal an issue I've had since childhood about creativity and self-expression. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can move forward in this arena where I've previously been hopelessly stuck. Woohoo!!!!!

23/01/2018 00:17
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  • $960.00

Acute and Chronic Pain, General Fatigue, Headaches, Joint Pain, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Diet & Weight Loss, Fear, Insecurity, Personal Growth, Quitting Drinking, Sleeping Disorder, Smoking and Quitting Smoking, Social Anxiety Phobia, Spiritual Growth, Stress, Tension