Jelena Djokic
Practices Astro Healing
Experience 2-4 Years
Session Charges $250

Each planetary aspect has a correlation with specific energy and emotional patterns. With AstroHealing we can heal our challenging aspects in all three levels - mental, emotional and physical. We do this by learning the correspondence of different vibrational essences (Flower, Animal and Gem essences) with planets signs, houses and planetary aspects. A one-hour consultation with Jelena enables you to define your planetary energy balance whit essences, healing music and frequency, afirmations.


Feeling so much calmer after this. Jelena thank you for your warm and supportive energy, love it

13/09/2018 14:00
Irena Radujevic

I'm very satisfied and thankful to Jelena. She helped me to find my weak spots, and showed me how to work on them. She is very kind and I recommend her to everybody.

08/05/2018 09:59
Vojislav Perucica

I am very satisfied, it was a great hour of a wonderful energy and spiritual insight into my current needs.

12/04/2018 19:00
Bojana Srdanovic

Jelena is really an inspirational person. She shed light on the way of discovering everything I can and to be. She helped me find words for my emotions and fears, and now ... I will face them and set them free. She gives answers the questions you do not even know or ask. This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey to the best version of myself.

11/04/2018 17:12
Jelena Popovic

Jako sam zadovoljna, za mene jedno novo iskustvo koje mi puno pomoglo. Odlično, zaista

03/04/2018 18:52
Tanja Cujic

Helena is great!!!!

02/04/2018 16:38
Ivana Zivanic

Oslobadjajuce i mocno iskustvo! Svaka preporuka!

02/04/2018 09:03
Zana Jerkic

19/03/2018 20:00
Natasa Mijailovic

19/03/2018 18:00
Mirjana Tomovic

Jelena je prvobitno prijatna i jako pozitivna osoba sto doprinosi da se opustite i pripremite da primite sve ono sto vas ocekuje a ocekuje vas zaista profesionalan pristup i mnogo bitnih informacija koje vode ka tome da se osecate lepo, zadovoljno i nadasve, srecno kad prihvatite cinjenicu da postoje putevi kojima trebate ici i koji vas vode i koji ce vas dovesti do uspeha u svojim zamislima. Svesrdno vam preporucujem razgovor sa Jelenom!!!

19/03/2018 09:32
Dragana Vitorovic

18/03/2018 20:48
Svetlana Simic

Razgovor sa Jelenom je svakako jedan od onih koji "liječi dušu". Pristupa sesiji na veoma prijateljski način, tako da osoba može lako da joj se otvori. Trudi se da na najbolji način objasni naše nedostatke i kako da ih prevaziđemo, ali svakako ukazuje i na naše prednosti i njihovo jačanje. Vjerujem da ovaj sastanak neće biti jedini. Sve preporuke! :)

14/03/2018 15:09
Ognjen Stan

Such amazing experience! Jelena is a nurturing healer, With a direct but pleasant approach and right diagnosis, she takes care for and encourage the processes of healing and self-development during the session. I can totally recommend her.

13/03/2018 20:15
Jelena Arnautovic

Session was great! I can say that i already feel better. Jelena helped me to find my weak spots, showed me how to work on it. She is easy to talk to, helpful and understanding. I would recomend everyone to have a session with her!

12/03/2018 18:04
Maida Dalifi

Razgovor sa Jelenom mi je jako prijao i osecam se rasterecenije. Pomogla mi je da uocim gde je moj problem i koji su moji strahovi. Drago mi je da sam bas nju odabrala i volela bih da je razgovor duze trajao.

12/03/2018 10:07
Mima Catic

I had a terrible connection problem last time and I failed.Energy for which it is said a little to say goodbye! Jelena is someone who connects with you and directs you in the most beautiful way possible. This is just our beginning, we'll just hang out! I sincerely recommend everyone to hear this beautiful woman! A GREAT DISCOVER!

08/03/2018 19:07
Mila Tomasevic


08/03/2018 10:49
Lena Ajlik

Jelena is amazing. She has helped me a lot to get to know and find myself, my nature and about everything about detox. She has showed me how to be a better version of myself and that everything can be fixed. It was a very pleasant conversation and she is a very pleasant woman. I have gained so much more than I was expecting. I am very grateful. Thank you, Jelena.

07/03/2018 18:00
Katarina Ilijin

Wonderful!!! Thank you a lot Jelena!

07/03/2018 15:02
Sanja Ksionzik

Inspirativno i oslobadjajuce. Svakog ko je pomislio da se upusti u astrohealing, ohrabrujem. Apsolutno vredna paznje, Jelena Djokic, govori koji su nacini kojim mozemo postici zeljeno ili osloboditi se onog nepozeljnog u nama. Lepo iskustvo i pametno utroseno vreme. Hvala Vam na posvecenosti i Vasoj energiji :-)

07/03/2018 10:39
Ivana Ilijin

Jelena nosi energiju koja prija, opušta i uliva poverenje. Sluša pažljivo i razume svaku brigu i ima rešenje za istu. Toplo preporučujem njene konsultacije.

05/03/2018 18:02
Mila Marceta

Jelena is very nice, gentle and kind. As a therapist, she is knowledgable and supportive. I enjoyed the session very much. It did help me!"

04/03/2018 07:26
Milenka Milosevic

28/02/2018 18:04
Kristina Dabic

Sjajno,odusevljena sam! Bilo je fenomenalno. Jelena je se fokusirala tacno na ono sto me je i interesovalo! It was great! Jelena knew what was important for me and she helped me a lot! Era muy bien! Jelena sabía cual era la cosa q más me interesaba y me ha ayudado mucho! Todas las recomendaciones!!!😊

27/02/2018 20:02
Radmila Besevic Obradovic

Excellent. I am very glad to had opportunity to talk with Jelena about some new things, for me. In this session, I got more then I expected, and definitely I have a lot of new topics and fields to work in future. I really liked Jelena's positive approach, especialy about some topics that can be viewed negatively. I have learned some short, but very important lessons. Thank you Jelena

26/02/2018 20:26
Iva Cukanovic

This was very useful session. Jelena is calm and nice person. She showed me how to face with my fears and gave me homework (yoga exercises, affirmations). Interesting experience, I will recommend her to my friends.

24/02/2018 10:59
Sanja Petrovic

It was a very pleasant conversation with Jelena Djokic, I enjoyed and discovered some new things about myself. I am grateful to her for helping me discover and regain my deepest emotions and that she has taught me how to overcome them. It's very easy and simple, but Jelena revealed it to me. Thank you dear Jelena <3 Sanja

22/02/2018 20:17
Jovana Majstorovic

I had an excellent talk and experience with Jelena Djokic. Her astrohealing therapy help me immediatly and brought relief. I will for sure continue to work on myself and with this process.

21/02/2018 18:11
Kristina Jerkic

It is very nice conversation. Jelena help me to meet myself, and to remove my fears ,worries. She is very pleasant. I want to speak with Jelena another time.

21/02/2018 15:01
Djordje Maric

I enjoyed the session a lot. Jelena was absolutely concentrated. Even if I had milion subquestins she was always clear enough to explain my doubts and I felth quite relaxed. She was so kind and always very concrete and clear in all explanations. Strong recommandations!!!

21/02/2018 10:53
Ljudmila Vukosavljevic

Ovo je zaista sjajno iskustvo!!! Kao neko ko se bavi kvantnom medicinom, mogu da kažem da je ovakav način tumačenja moje natalne karte fenomenalano iskustvo! Hvala, Jelena Đokić Sve pohvale!!!

20/02/2018 19:47
Dasha Delibasic

Razgovor sa Jelenom mi je izuzetno prijao. Uspela je da me opusti, da me podseti na greške koje pravim u odnosu sa drugim ljudima i dala mi je snagu i uverenje da mogu da radim na sebi i da ću se osećati bolje u svom telu.

20/02/2018 11:08
Davor Sekulski

I had a great sesion with Jelena. She was very helpfull. I find her being a good practicioner. Great advices! I can reccomend her to other people.

19/02/2018 19:54
Georgia Vitkute

This was my first session on Healing Clouds and first sessions with Jelena! She is very friendly and kind! It is so easy to talk to her, she provided me a lot of information about me and helped me to solve my life riddles and feel more confident about myself! Thank you for an amazing session! You are an amazing person and beautiful inside out! Looking forward to many more sessions with you! Best of luck! (:

19/02/2018 10:02
Malina Kovac

What an experience!  It’s so useful when you get a chance to talk to someone who understands and  simplify what seems to be very complicated. Jelena is amaizing ! Such a calm energy !  we worked on unblocking the ways for materialization , piled up emotions……  really helpful .  Thank you Jelena so much for your patience. Warmest recommendations!!

18/02/2018 15:37
Andjelka Radovanovic

Jelena managed to explain so much to me in an incredibly simple and easy way which is very important for me since I am not familiar with terms in astrology. Astrohealing is incredible discovery for me and Jelena made it very clear to understand. This technique reveals the essence of the problem. Thank you Jelena! I enjoyed pretty much the session with you and definitely will continue with your instructions. Andjelka

17/02/2018 11:09
Visnja Vukanovic

Jelena is amazing, she is very easy to talk to, and she has relaxed and humorous approach. This session was exactly what I needed, the advice I have received helped me massively and I feel the session assisted me in getting to the root of my problems. Thank you, Jelena!

15/02/2018 21:19
Ana Gavric

Jelena is a very professional, articulate and devoted counselor. She makes sure to address your concerns and to answer your questions to the best of her capability. Moreover, you could tell she shares a special bond with astrology and energy healing and is proud to share that with you! I recommend this practitioner.

15/02/2018 15:49
Nevena Milicevic

Jelena is deep,compasionate and very knowledgable healer. She very precisely did my diagnostics and created an stady, structured i balansed path towards my inner healing. Thank you Jelena.

14/02/2018 17:54
Sladjana Jakev

Amaizing session and experience, i've learned some great things and cant wait to try everything. Thanks a lot!!

13/02/2018 20:02
Biljana Spasic

Jelena is great! This was a great experience for me.

12/02/2018 18:11
Ana Vucetic

10/02/2018 10:57
Jelena Kaludjerovic

I am impressed how this session helped me to realize some things about myself! Thank you Jelena, you are amazing! I will follow your instructions in future. Warm recommendations for everyone to experience this session with Jelena Djokic!

08/02/2018 21:03
Kristina Krstic

Jelena is a kind-hearted and pleasant woman who knows how to make her client feel better about themselves. She promotes self-love and self-acceptance in the best way possible. I am really satisfied with my session and would recommend Jelena to anyone :)

08/02/2018 19:01
Tijana Vukanovic

Astro Healing seassion with practicionar Jelana Djokic was very helpfull, Her advices were usefull and helped me to awake my deepest fear. Also this session helped me to work on meridians of small intestine, tripple heater, gallbladder and stomach. Thank you Jelena, it was my pleasure to meet you!

08/02/2018 15:08
Ivan Radosavljevic

The session with Jelena was great. It gave me confidence and discovered some new aspects in terms of understanding the functioning of energy and the planet. I would like to recommend to everyone to go through the analysis and advice that Jelena very well recognizes. Thank you Jelena it is my pleasure to meet you.

08/02/2018 10:49
Jovana Schuettler

Jelena is a genius, truly empowering! I loved her words and energy! She knows exactly how to guide you and help you to become the best version of yourself. I wholeheartedly recommend her and wish her the very best in all future endeavors!

07/02/2018 18:37
Nevena Zvizdic

This has been a wonderful session and experience in general! Jelena helped me a lot to find the real setbacks in myself and my life and gave me helpful advice! I definitely recommend session with her! Looking forward to my healing process and our future sessions! :)

07/02/2018 11:02
Slobodana Sakan

This session with Jelena was very insightful and helpful. She is very clear and straightforward so everybody can understand even the most complicated astrological terms :) She helped me clerified some of my doubts so I can understand on which points should I work on in order to achieve my goals. Thank you :)

06/02/2018 19:59
Bojana Kesic

Jelena, hvala mnogo. Ovo je bio zaista koristan razgovor i sigurna sam da ce mi pomoci. Pored jasno objasnjenih svih detalja, hvala mnogo na vezbama koje si mi pokazala za otklanjanje blokada i dobar protok energije. Sigurna sam da ovo nece biti jedini nas razgovor.

06/02/2018 14:07
Danijela Cujic

I would like to thank Jelena on her full devotion during the session and amazing knowledge and ability to define and address the exact issues I have struggled with in the past period. It was amazing! Her constructive approach and exercise shown were making me feeling better even before session ended. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jelena to others.

05/02/2018 20:17
Sofija Bozickovic

05/02/2018 17:43
Milica Mikac

It was such a pleasure! Jelena helped me a lot! Now I am feeling motivated and ready to begin new things. Thakns to her, I allow myself to feel great about who I am and everything I love about me.

03/02/2018 11:07
Nabil Ismail

Jelena is a great therapist. Her Astro healing session provided a lot of insight into my personality. It was so accurate and precise that it left me speechless. Then she suggested few meditation techniques and activities that will help me to destress and get my focus back on important things in life. Astro healing was a new technique that I tried and its been really helpful. Its very interesting to see how planetary alignments can impact your life and how meditation can help improve mental health. Lots of positive energy to Jelena for all this. Thanks!

10/10/2017 17:53
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High Blood Pressure, Hormonal Imbalance, Kidney Stones, Anxiety, Stress, Tension