Our Therapists

Our therapists are the driving force that motivates us to do better.

Each of our therapists is important and unique for us. Hence, we make sure that our therapists are



Our therapists are certified in the specialities that they offer. This is verified by us before they can connect with you for sessions.



We want to ensure you have someone who can support you well. Hence, our therapists have experience of 8 years or more on average.



Our therapists work with you on our HIPAA-compliant platform. Your information and details are 100% safe and secure with us.



We also have a strict policy for non-discrimination and ensure inclusivity. People from all identities are welcome on our platform. Whatever your identity be, you have a home in us.



Our therapists are spread all over the world and come from different backgrounds and cultures. This helps you connect with someone who identifies with your cultural context too.

You need the best when it comes to mental wellbeing

Are you a certified mental health professional?

Does accessible and affordable mental wellbeing excite you?

Do you want to help people find their best selves?

Do you want to make the world a better place?

We can accomplish so much together!