Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®)

What is TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises)?

TRE is a set of simple and innovative exercises developed by Dr. David Berceli which can effectively release the deep patterns of chronic stress, tension, and trauma. The exercises involved in TRE are completely safe and are widely used as an alternative healing therapy specifically for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). The client does not need to relive their traumatic memories once again during the session which is what makes TRE unique from many other therapies.

TRE consists of 6 painless and simple exercises that can release muscular tension or stress and provide deep relaxation to the anxious mind. This non-invasive healing method activates the natural reflex mechanism of vibrating or shaking in the body that facilitates the release of muscular tension by calming down the nervous system. It is important that this natural reflex mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment with the help of a certified practitioner. An imbalanced state of mind, body, and soul can be brought back to the natural balanced state with the help of TRE.

How does TRE Work?

Dr. David Berceli was previously a social worker and he came up with the idea of developing TRE while he was serving at various war zones around the world. He observed specific involuntary gestures made by people every time a bomb fell. People, regardless of their sex, age, or culture had curled into themselves similar to a foetal like position. Dr, Berceli released that these natural reflexes (shaking or vibrating) are actually generated to protect the body’s most vulnerable places. He later researched on this mechanism in humans and developed techniques that could trigger the similar mechanism which gives a sense of being protected to the affected person.

We often notice children shaking or tremoring when an unusual event occurs. It is nothing but their body’s natural response to release effect of the event from their mind and body. However, this is not always seen in adults because they voluntarily choose to suppress it out of the fear of being judged as weak or out of control.

The vibrations generated in the body during a TRE session are natural, neuro psychological responses of our body to reduce its own tension or stress thereby regaining a healthy and balanced state of being. TRE is not recommended for every pregnant woman and people with epilepsy. Rest everyone can achieve its benefits.


TRE has the power to release the very deep negative thought patterns and energy be it a simple stress or tension at the workplace or a severe anxiety or depression attack due to a traumatic event. When coupled with any other complementary therapy for PTSD, TRE can fasten the healing process and increase the mobility. It can be used by anyone such as the victim of accident and violence, a soldier suffering from PTSD, or a person with anxiety and stress due to personal issues. It gives the relieving sensation of receiving an internal message.

How can TRE Help me?

Following are the benefits of doing a TRE session.

  • It can help improve personal and social relationships.
  • It can help you effectively manage stress at the workplace.
  • It can reduce muscular and back pain to a large extent.
  • It can help relieve the symptoms of chronic medical conditions.
  • It can heal symptoms of trauma or PTSD.
  • Improves sleep and removes negative energy blocks that did not allow you to move forward in life.

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