Resonance Repatterning®

What is Resonance Repatterning®?

Resonance Repatterning® also known as call Holographic Repatterning is an alternative healing therapy introduced by Chloe Faith Wordsworth. The entire concept of Resonance Repatterning® is based on the scientific fact that everything is energy and hence possesses a specific frequency. This implies that all your mental and physical health issues are communicating in frequency. Hence everything can be healed by working on these frequencies in an appropriate manner.

Every organ, tissue, muscle, and gland of your body is eventually connected to the autonomic nervous system which helps them to communicate with each other. This communication is nothing but the transmission of frequencies. Each frequency has a different and hidden pattern called resonance which exists in both the conscious and unconscious. There are different Patterns of entrainment, family beliefs, trauma, loss, illness, grief which can be revealed through your body as it stores every minute information or experience. Once the pattern is understood, anything can be healed.

Resonance Repatterning® is a combined technique of universal healing disciplines of the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System, Polarity Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Family Systems theory, consciousness science, color, light, sound, fragrance, movement, breath, energetic balancing and applied Kinesiology.

What to expect from a Resonance Repatterning® Session?

In a session, a Resonance Repatterning® practitioner will ask you to list all the problems and concerns you are facing and will then determine which statements your body is ready to work with by using muscle testing. Muscle testing is the process used to identify what you currently resonate with, what can be removed and what new possibility you are ready to receive. Once the repatterning is identified, the practitioner will decide the modality that suits your body to shift this whole set of issues permanently. There exists a number of healing practices and modalities like colors and crystals, aromatherapy, movements, sounds etc. The practitioner may ask you to perform a few tasks after the session as well like walking barefoot outside or sitting on a rock etc.

How Does Resonance Repatterning® Work?

Repetitive problematic issues indicate that you are resonating with unconscious material that has not yet been resolved hence resonance repatterning helps you resonate with your positive intentions and experiences. You can achieve greater awareness, positively energized self and success.

The issues you face are nothing but the consequences of pain lying inside you which blocks your life energy. In the sessions, these blockages are removed and energy is released to restore your natural physical and mental condition. Some people experience this positive change immediately while others experience gradual changes.


"We live in an ocean of frequencies, organized as a hologram in which each part contains the whole. Creating order in one part automatically benefits the whole"
– Chloe Faith Wordsworth


How will Resonance Repatterning® Help Me?

1- Fills your entire self with positive energy and activates your senses.

2- Helps you move ahead in life

3- You acquire better understanding.

4- Helps you solve your issues in a best possible manner.

5- You connect with your highest and best.

With the help of your practitioner, you identify old patterns and can change them into new pathways that help you heal naturally because you are introduced to your own unlimited potential.

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