Past Life Regression Therapy

What is Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR)?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a branch of Hypnotherapy that uses the memories and experiences of past lives to heal the issues of an individual’s present life. This therapy works on the belief that the soul or the energy body of a person is eternal and it remains intact even after their biological death which is the death of physical body. This implies that a soul keeps changing physical bodies after a finite time and each physical body has its own memories and experiences, which are stored in that soul.

It was the Hindu scholar ‘Patanjali’ who first discussed the concept of past life regression with great detail in his book. He mentioned that the soul carries memories and burdens of their past which causes the present physical body and soul to experience issues and illnesses. Therefore, by accessing these past life memories, our current problems can easily be addressed and healed deeply.

How does Past Life Regression Therapy work?

Past Life Regression Therapy mainly works on the laws of Karma. Karma being a Sanskrit word translates to “action”. Therefore, it is an action or deed, good or bad that has a strong influence on your future. Good deeds, intentions, and actions result in good future while bad deeds and intentions lead to bad experiences in future. This concept is applicable right from the birth of your soul and not from the birth of your physical body. Since the soul is indestructible, it carries the burden of their past life Karmas resulting in problems, issues, and illnesses in your present life.

PLR Therapy practitioners access the memories of your past life through the unconscious mind. During the session, your conscious mind is made to relax in a deep meditative state through Hypnotherapy. Once the conscious mind sleeps, the unconscious mind begins to answer the questions asked by the practitioner. You are made to experience every moment of your past life once again. The practitioner observes the pattern of your past life memories and your reactions to them and accordingly uses his techniques to remove negative patterns that no longer serve you.


Dr. Morris Netherton in his book Past Lives Therapy explains the working of an unconscious mind by saying that the unconscious mind operates like a tape recorder which never shuts down. Its bank of information provides the conscious mind with a basis for the entire personality. When the unconscious mind is tapped and begins to “playback,” we find recall stretching far beyond the limits of this lifetime.

How will Past Life Regression Therapy benefit me?

Following are some of the benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy.


1- Helps improve personal relationships.


2- Enhances your skills and abilities.


3- Removes your career blocks.


4- Helps you overcome fears and phobias.


5- Guides you to understand your purpose in life.


6- Clears the aura and balances your chakras.

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