What is Meta-Health?

Meta Health is a revolutionary science, practice and art of Body-Mind-Social Health which focuses on how specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affect specific organs resulting in a particular symptom. Eventually making you aware of the distinct pattern followed by a symptom or disease. It not only helps you understand how our thoughts, feelings, and body can all together create our health but also tells you how the trio can destroy it if not taken care properly.

META-Health works on a few basic yet powerful principles. It follows the idea that knowing the root cause of a disease is half work done and your body and mind are intelligent enough to tell you about that cause. Another principle Meta Health follows it that there are specific stress trigger, emotions and beliefs that affect a specific organ’s tissues and hence can be healed with a specific sequence. This implies that it is a self-healing technique which with the help of an expert can make you aware of the intelligence of your own body.

How Does Meta-Health Work?

Most of our healing energy is consumed in thinking about what caused the illness. Questions such as why am I sick? What has triggered my symptoms? Which treatment would work for me or should I let it heal naturally? Creating even more confusion. A meta health practitioner will first help you find out all these answers using your body’s own natural biological programming with the help of your brain.

Meta health is not a complete replacement for your medical treatment. However, it cooperates and helps conventional health care to become more effective and sustainable. The science behind the concept of Meta Health suggests that there exists a precise organ-brain-psyche-social relationship. Each brain relay within a brain area corresponds to a specific organ tissue and a specific conflict or trauma and an environmental-social experience.


Meta Health is a self-healing technique which with the help of an expert can make you aware of the intelligence of your own body. Once you realize what wonders your body intelligence can make, your self-healing process begins.

What can I expect in a Meta-Health session?

Your first Meta Health session will help you explore the key issues in your life. Which means it will answer questions like what's really going on, why it's there, and how to resolve it. Next step will enable you to release the thoughts and feeling responsible for blocking development in your health, life, career, relationships and will allow pinpointing some of the core self-limiting beliefs, emotions, memories and internal conflicts that are blocking your well-being. The last step includes determining the best possible way to heal your illness using the previously collected information.

Is Meta-Health for Me?

Meta-Health works profoundly in these ways.

1- Using the Meta-Health techniques, one can control his own health.

2- It supports and encourages you while your therapy plan is being carried out.

3- Provides better and deeper diagnosis wherever required.

4- Helps you identify the reasons which did not allow your illness to subside in your previous treatments.

5- Teaches you the idea that you deserve to be healed and grow.

6- Helps overcome the conflict shocks, associated emotions, tracks & triggers

7- Encourages you to focus on solutions rather than problems.

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