Matrix Reimprinting

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced version of popular self-help technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), developed by EFT Master Karl Dawson in 2010 to heal various physical and emotional issues at the profound level of transformation. Similar to EFT, it also uses conventional Chinese medicine meridian system. However, the way it differs from traditional EFT is that EFT can release stress and negative memories through tapping while Matrix Reimprinting technique allows you to not only release the past memories but also transform them completely to bring out positive and constructive changes in one’s thoughts and emotions.

Matrix Reimprinting has become significantly popular because it can be incorporated as an additional tool into other healing practices such as Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Psychotherapy and many more, thereby making the results more profound and adequate.

How Does Matrix Reimprinting Work?

Stress, tension, anxiety, panic attacks and any other such negative emotion is the result of traumatic experiences and their memories which are stuck in an individual’s body in the form of energy blockages. In Emotional Freedom Technique, the practitioner asks the client to tap onto the meridian endpoints which releases negative energy and neutralizes the emotions attached to that particular memory. However, Matrix Reimprinting allows an individual to go back to the event that created the memory and transform it as per their own choice. This allows the person to create a new and positive memory of the exact same event which brings about surprising changes in the emotional state of that person.


Matrix Reimprinting and EFT combined, create exceptionally amazing results which are fast and effective. It not only helps the person to fight with negative emotions but also prevents the diseases that might arise due to energy blockages. Therefore, Matrix Reimprinting is called a holistic re-empowerment technique since it works upon the memory where root cause of trauma lies and recreates it.

Negative memories are actually saved in the body-field as images or holograms. Your subconscious mind keeps drawing your attention to them and gives rise to physical, emotional and mental health-related issues. It also shifts your point of attraction from problems to only solutions. Matrix Reimprinting simply takes an individual back in time and allows him to assist their younger self to deal with the event profoundly. This creates a new image in the body-field which instead of bringing the person down, encourages them thereby creating a positively transformed personality.

How will Matrix Reimprinting Benefit me?

Matrix Reimprinting has several quick and effective benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.


1. Helps fight with phobias and fears.


2. Helps beat addictions.


3. Works efficiently on birth traumas.


4. Helps transform the negative thoughts and beliefs which restricts one from moving ahead in life.


5. Can be extremely useful for relationship related issues.


6. Can help you create a better and positive future and many more.

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Nelia Estroia

“It was so great!! Sandra's voice and energy allowed me to relax and surrender. It was an intense and emotional trip. I feel relaxed, warm, light and happy! I'm so grateful Sandra! I loved it!”

Sandra Fortunato

“I have been sick for a couple of weeks and I've done multidimensional healing which really helped to understand why I was sick. Several energetic blocks were cleaned and I already feel lighter. I highly recommend.”

Muhammad Adnan

“Excellent session!I feel much better now and my pain has reduced a lot and the sessions had helped me when a medicine could not! I couldn’t sit for a long time but now I can. Couldn’t have hoped for a better therapist”

Nelia Estroia

“It was so great!! Sandra's voice and energy allowed me to relax and surrender. It was an intense and emotional trip. I feel relaxed, warm, light and happy! I'm so grateful Sandra! I loved it!”

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