Matrix Energetics®

Matrix Energetics® system was introduced by Dr. Richard Bartlett in 1997. He has written a number of books on similar topic explaining various methods to discover the power one possesses inside his body and mind. Matrix Energetics® is referred as the science and art of transformation by Dr. Richard which is also the name of his first book. It is considered as an art which can help people experience an entirely different aspect of the world we live in and the science that changes their perception towards a problem and its solution. Combinedly one can call it a world within our world.

The word ‘Matrix’ refers to an environment under which something develops. Therefore, Matrix Energetics® can be described as a system which helps people develop themselves and the world around them. People can experience life full of new possibilities by expanding their thoughts and views beyond the physical and psychological limitations. It is said to transform everything inside as well as outside a person by creating a drastic shift in consciousness.

How Does Matrix Energetics® Work?

The changes occurring after a Matrix Energetics® session are said to be observable and verifiable because they occur under the laws of Physics. Modern physics states that everything is light (Energy) and information. Therefore, your issues and illnesses are nothing but information of a specific pattern too. During the session, you will be made to enter in a unique environment or field (Matrix) where you will be able to change this pattern of information for your own good. When you come out of this field, you own an ocean of new possibilities for everything in your life.


Matrix Energetics® is called "The art of virtual transformation" because it focuses on taking people outside of the limiting concept that they are doing everything. This transformation expands their awareness that it is not “I am doing everything” rather, “Everything is being done through me”.

Inside this Matrix, one realizes that there exists a reality where everything is possible and it is only the unawareness of this reality that causes disappointments and creates limits. Once you become aware, the transformation begins and this is the reason it is believed by the practitioners that the moment you decide to take a Metrix Energetics® session, your transformational journey has begun. The sessions may also include sound healing or other healing modalities for supporting purpose. You will also get to learn the logical concepts and Physics behind this technique.

How will Matrix Energetics® benefit me?

There are several benefits of a Matrix Energetics® session for both psychological as well as physical health issues. For instance, a person with any health issue has a specific information stored in their body that does not allow the unhealthy condition to move to healthier one. The practitioner will allow the possibility of this information to change eventually leading to a change of the unhealthy condition.

It is known best for instantaneous results. However, it also depends on energy shifts of the clients due to which healing may take place gradually. It brings people out from the perception that there are boundaries to the solutions available for their problems and makes them realize that nothing is impossible.

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