Holistic Health Coaching

What is Holistic Health Coaching?

Holistic can be explained as being concerned with the whole or a with a complete system rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts, of a health issue, a business, or even a personal “problem”. For instance, holistic medicine attempts to address both the mind and the body recognizing that one is effected by the other. The same holds for holistic coaching since each area in our life is the result of all of the areas of our life.

A holistic approach to coaching integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual to bring them to their full potential. With such an approach core issues that can be blocking complete manifestation of goals are discovered, revealed and released.

How does Holistic Health Coaching work?

Holistic Coaching can assist in recognizing priorities and the important values in your life, to discover and experience a new meaning of fulfillment.

In facing health issues, the entire person must be considered not just the body, or the dis-ease. This adds to the effectiveness of any treatment since the body does not function in isolation, in health or sickness. All conditions physical, mental and social are considered. The emotions play a huge component in any physical treatment as well. It is well documented that depressed individuals are prone to illness much more than people with a positive outlook. Our emotional and mental state definitely plays a role in our physical well-being and recovery from illness, and this cannot be minimized.

Holistic coaching can provide the direction and the tools to experience a more satisfying life.

Coaching can entail something as specific as assisting you to start a new business, make a career change, deal with a health issue or take the leap and fulfill a dream long held or it can be of a broader nature dealing not with any specific challenge but that inner knowing that something needs to change but not even knowing what it is or where to start.

As a holistic health coach, the coach works with people on an individual basis, where he/she works together to identify small integrative steps they can take to become healthier. The work itself is really part listener and part advice-giver, but really encouraging and allowing the client to learn to listen to their own body and decide whats right for them.


The main role of a holistic health coach is to guide people to live a healthy life in general, not just through their food, but in all areas of their life and in particular, their relationships, physical activities, spirituality, and career. For instance, you can eat a healthy diet, but you aren’t truly healthy unless all these other areas are in balance as well. These are some of the things the coach focuses on with clients during sessions.

Is Holistic Health Coaching for me?

Holistic health coaching is for everyone who wishes to live a healthy and balanced life. Your health is not only about the food you eat but it is also about how you walk, talk, think, act, and react. A holistic health coach will not make general recommendations to you instead they will give you customized suggestions based on your lifestyle and habits.

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