Emotion Code

What is Emotion Code?

Dr. Bradley Nelson, in his 16 years as a chiropractor, developed two Codes (The Body Code & The Emotion Code). He found that when working on his patients, beneath their physical symptoms there seemed to be an emotional component for each. A delay in healing or actually preventing healing altogether was caused due to these underlying emotional components. Dr. Nelson began identifying and releasing emotions that had become trapped in his patients’ bodies. The results were positive. He codified the method, and in 2007, his book The Emotion Code, was released.

How does Emotion Code work?

Trapped Emotions are the most common cause of imbalance in the body/mind, and these imbalances cause a wide array of emotional and physical symptoms. Dr. Nelson continued using and developing his method, and realized that there were some other causes of imbalance, as well. Trapped Emotions negatively influenced factors that were more physical. These additional factors were added to his method, and called this more comprehensive system The Body Code. There are 6 components in the Body Code. The first of these is the emotional component—The Emotion Code.

We are making the distinction that though the emotion/problem may not be acceptable, we are. Under these conditions, the emotion can be safely felt and expressed.

By observing and keeping our focus on the problem/emotion, we are consciously activating he underlying energy disruption, which is internal conflict. In this way, the timing of the tapping coincides with the energy disruption to help restore the balanced energy flow and internal peace through the release of the stuck emotion.


Using techniques from the Emotion Code/Body Code, Trapped Emotions and other imbalances are identified by the year they occurred, and released from the body and energy field. The releasing is done at the subconscious level. Your inner wisdom is a partner in this releasing.

Is Emotion Code for me?

People are made of energy, and Trapped Emotions are made of energy. To release this emotional energy, the practitioner sets aside his/her own personality and get into a calm and peaceful state. From that state, the practitioner connects to the energy field of the person on whom the practitioner is working. Emotion Code practitioners will not work on any person without their permission.

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