What Is Counseling?

Counseling can formally be defined as “the process of assisting and guiding clients, especially by a trained person on a professional basis, to resolve especially personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties.”

However, Counseling is not exactly an advising session. It is rather a specific meeting between a practitioner and a person in need of help to explore the issues faced by the person in need. The help needed can be of physical or mental or even spiritual. It can be related to money, love, career or family etc.

The practitioner helps the client by introducing new and exciting thoughts and point of views which the client has never thought would work for them. This creates a positive energy and hope in the client that it is possible to achieve anything they want in life.

How Does Counseling Work?

A counselor’s major job is to enable the client to explore various aspects of life and feelings, by talking openly and freely.

This works profoundly because such open and free talk is not possible with family or friends as they might have biased opinions which are not healthy for Counseling.

Therefore, it is also important that whoever counsels you must not be someone emotionally involved with you. Also, since the counselor is a stranger to you, they neither judge nor offer biased advice rather give you an opportunity to express your anger, resentment, guilt and fear in a confidential environment. Expressing your emotions and thoughts release a great amount of blocked energy and make one feel lighter and better. A counsellor could be the best person to express everything you’ve bottled up.


"Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks."
– Roopleen

The counselor takes the client back into their early life mostly in their childhood to find and explore the situations they might have faced and found difficult or impossible to be resolved. This helps throw some light on why an individual reacts or responds in certain ways in given situations. Practitioners ask the client to perform different exercises depending on the issue which helps them clear out a confused mind. Once the mind is clear, the client becomes able to efficiently make better decisions for themselves.

How will Counseling Benefit Me?

A good Counseling session,

1- Reduces confusion and allows you to make effective decisions.

2- Creates positive changes in attitude and behavior.

3- Enables one to make quick and better choices.

4- Provides the most effective way of planning things and helps work for it accordingly in a systematic manner.

5- Improves self-awareness.

6- Inculcates optimistic thoughts and approaches.

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