BodyTalk™ System

What is BodyTalk™?

BodyTalk™System is a modality that addresses a ‘whole person’. This effectively means that it not only refers to the physical, but also environmental and emotional aspects of living beings. In BodyTalk, a system has been developed that provides support and promotes wellbeing of any living organism, be it humans, animals or even plants.

In BodyTalk™, the influence of psychology on the living body is construed and the practitioner aims to determine the underlying causes of the condition or ailment by addressing the whole-story of the whole-body.

How does BodyTalk™ work?

The unique property about BodyTalk™ is that it understands and addresses the body’s own priorities for healing. The practitioner then uses various non-invasive and distance therapy techniques, to bring back the focus of the body’s natural healing response in order to establish a better system of communication within the body.


Each practitioner of a certain modality has unique knowledge and skill set and BodyTalk™, as a modality, recognizes this. BodyTalk™ is a novel concept to integrate all healthcare fields to create a complete approach to wellbeing and health of all living beings.

Is BodyTalk™ for me?

In BodyTalk™, your current state of health is a result of every experience and every choice you have made in life. Every moment, good or bad, has a unique history and story behind it. Practitioners may speak to you about your life-style, genetics and past history to establish a customized and personalize approach to holistic healthcare. The changes that you observe are said to be long lasting in nature.

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