Bi-Aura Therapy

What is Bi-Aura Therapy?

Bi-Aura Therapy is an advanced version of the ancient Bio-Energy healing adopted from eastern cultures, which focuses mainly on the removal of blockages in the aura in order to balance the chakras. It is one of the most efficient alternative healing techniques for restoring natural health without any side effects.

Bi-Aura Therapy is based on the fact that every illness be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual has its root in our energy system. A small change in the energy system can drastically affect the overall well-being of a person resulting in slowing down or completely ceasing the body’s natural healing process. Therefore, it is of immense importance that natural and pure energy flow is generated in the body which can only be achieved by rebalancing and regulating the chakras.

How does Bi-Aura Therapy work?

Bi-Aura therapy being an energy healing therapy works entirely on the basic concepts of Physics. The universe we live in holds an infinite amount of energy essential for survival. Scientific researchers have utilized this energy for survival by inventing various devices powered by different forms of this energy. Similarly, alternative medicinal therapists have figured out miraculous methods to utilize this energy for spreading peace and harmony among people. It is nothing but the aura of an individual that absorbs the universal life energy and sends it to the chakras which further distributes it in the entire body.

It is believed that due to trauma, stressful experiences or holding on to negative thoughts and emotions for a long time, the natural energy flow of our body is interrupted resulting in blockages. Bi-Aura therapy practitioners use various techniques to remove these blockages and repair the aura thereby allowing the universal life energy to reach to the chakras as they regulate this energy in the body with specific frequencies. Once the natural energy flow is initiated, the self-healing process automatically begins.


Bi-Aura Therapy practitioners first identify and locate the energy blockages in your Aura by discussing your medical history and analyzing your current mental and physical state. Once the root cause and location of the blockage is determined, practitioner channels healing energy to you which can cleanse your aura and balance your Chakras.

How will Bi-Aura Therapy benefit me?

There are multiple benefits of Bi-Aura Therapy. Some of them are mentioned below.
1- It is an amazing therapy for touch-sensitive people as it includes non-touch techniques.
2- It is completely safe for everyone.
3- It can help in healing physical conditions such as arthritis, pain, asthma, menstrual pain, autism, migraine and many more.
4- It is extremely beneficial for mental illnesses such as insomnia, emotional problems, stress, depression and many more.
5- Even if you do not have any specific mental or physical illness, you can do a Bi-Aura therapy session simply to experience the real joy of life.
6- It initiates the self-healing process in the body making the healing long lasting in most cases.

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