Angel Therapy

What is Angel Therapy?

Angel therapy was created by spiritual teacher Doreen Virtue, also known as the angel guru. It is an alternative healing concept which works on a wide variety of health ailments and other conditions with the help of angelic beings. This is done by establishing a connection between the patients and their angels. Patients may attempt to establish the connection directly. However, taking professional aid is always recommended because the entire concept of angel therapy is your communication with your angel which can be achieved with exact style or expression of the therapeutic procedure,

The concept of spiritual healing varies with faiths. Similarly, various faiths have their own beliefs about angels. For example, some say that angels as guardians of human beings while some believe that angels are assigned to keep an eye on our deeds and keep a note of everything we do. Considering all such beliefs the concept of angel therapy works profoundly. Once a connection is established with angels one can learn the secrets of emotional, spiritual, or physical wellbeing. Also, it can help one become aware of the root cause of his sufferings no matter how deep and old it is. Your angels know it right from when it started.

How does Angel Therapy work?

It is believed that everyone has guardian angels and they often come in and out of our lives but most of us are unaware of their presence. There are specific angels for each of our concern that is needed to be healed and by connecting with their energy you can learn to heal yourself and others emotionally as well as spiritually. It is also believed that at the time of great crisis angels appear in unobservable or observable forms.


"An angel is not only a set of wings. But also, a set of hands to guide you through life."

Practitioner also helps you connect with your archangels (considered to be the managers of the angel world). Practitioners use an angel card deck to give readings and channel your angels and passed loved ones. Angels can give clear guidance for anything you want like relationships, finances, health etc. They are supposed to be our practical helpers who are involved in our everyday lives, but you need to ask for their help, because angels never impose on anyone’s freewill.

Before the session starts, one should be prepared with questions or intentions, and your practitioner will be guided to the angel cards that are most appropriate for you at the moment. One can expect a co-creative experience in which you, the practitioner, and the angels all come together.

Is Angel Therapy for me?

The angelic world is the next step for those walking on a spiritual path and are ready to go farther. Also, for those who are open to seeing angels as more than just marble statues. It is very important that you surrender your problems to your Angels and also strongly believe in asking for their assistance and guidance. Angel therapy can work miraculously for below mentioned conditions.
1- insomnia, headaches, panic attacks, depression etc.
2- Respiratory issues such as hyperventilation, asthma, sinus etc.
3- Anxiety, lack of confidence, stage fearing, social anxiety.
4- Highly beneficial for eliminating spiritual blockage or pessimism which would result in a complete enlightening of you spirit.
5- Feminine issues related to menopause or menstruation can also be addresses as they are eventually connected with mental health.

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