What is VortexHealing®?

VortexHealing® is the Divine and Magical Energy Healing technique rediscovered by Ric Weinman in 1994. It is said to be rediscovered because the root of this technique actually lies in an ancient avatar named “Mahindra”. Mahindra created a link between the divine healing realm and human consciousness after his death and discovered the VortexHealing® technique. He is said to introduce this technique first to an English man through energetic transmissions. There onwards it continued to pass on to other teachers through the same mean. VortexHealing® Practitioners also believe that it passed through the significant welsh figure Merlin associated with King Arthur of Camelot.

However, due to lack of suitable candidates, it could not be continued and died off. Later in 1994, Ric Weinman is said to have a vision through an inter-dimensional experience which presented him with the magical healing art of VortexHealing®. This historical line of teachers and students who have learned this art is known as Merlin Lineage.

A document published by the Institute of Noetic Sciences states that the term vortex refers to “an energetic structure that functions as an interface between the physical world and a divine realm that contains pure healing energy”.

How does VortexHealing® work?

VortexHealing® is considered unique because of the deep connection or bridge between the client and the Divine presence of Merlin. This connection is created by the practitioner during the session. Which means that healing energy is directly being transmitted from Merlin (which is a divine power) to the client. The practitioner basically acts as a vehicle for this bridge. Once the divine power is connected with the energy system of the client, the healing process begins. This power is considered to be intelligent enough to understand what needs to be healed and this is how it guides the vehicle i.e. the practitioner.

Rapid Personal Transformation practitioners believe in a guided conversation with clients instead of putting them to sleep or reprogramming their mind. This conversation is focused yet gentle as it safely guides you through the release of unpleasant feelings and emotions. The RPT practitioner will neither make you talk about your past issues and experiences nor will they make you relive the memories that haunt you, rather they will simply bring your conscious awareness to the physical instincts resulting in a rapid and permanent healing.

To strengthen the client during the session, their cords are grounded using grounding vortex. Also, Meditation is used to make the connection deeper and open up the client’s spiritual heart. In some cases, Practitioners also use soft music to create a harmonious surrounding. VortexHealing® is unique because it not only uses the divine energy to heal someone but also accesses the Divine Consciousness which identifies the roots of your sufferings and goes exactly there to transform it to its natural state.


It is important to understand that unlike other healing energies Vortex healing energy is not created by the practitioner rather it’s the energy created by the Divine power. There are 49 forms of Vortex energy and each one functions for specific areas that require healing.

Is VortexHealing® for me?

Below are some of the benefits one can expect from a VortexHealing® Session.

1- It is extremely and especially helpful to overcome childhood traumas.


2- It facilitates spiritual awakening.


3- It can also help to heal physical injuries and infections.


4- Depression, anxiety, stress and other mental illnesses can also be worked upon.


5- It clears the blocked energy that prevents your freedom and wholeness.


6- It also helps to release menstrual cramps.


7- Issues like joint pain and reduced or increased blood pressure can also be controlled.


8- It can help answer the questions like who am I? and what are my roots? And creates self-awareness.

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