What is Trinity Energy Progression?

Trinity Energy Progression helps open the pathways within and directly access the Divine/Christ Consciousness. It helps us to remove all partitions we have created within ourselves via the experience of duality – the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, Divine Child, levels of consciousness, lifetimes, timelines, Twin Flames, and beyond – so we can again consciously remember our whole Being, the whole of our Divinity, and exist fully in our Divine Truth and Power.

As we become entrained to open our pathways and access the Divine Consciousness, as we do the work, it leapfrogs our spiritual development/remembrance, and many, many more partitions begin to melt away. The more they melt away, the more the pathways open up; the more the pathways open up, the more remembrance of access to the Divine Consciousness leapfrogs our growth to exist fully and consciously as the Divine. n very simple terms, using Trinity Energy Progression enables us to go directly to Source and “turn up the Light of the Divine within” – either the self or assisting others – to release all resistance/partitions that are limiting the individual and the collective.

How does Trinity Energy Progression work?

The Practitioner sets the intention and then merges with you energetically as One in Divine Consciousness; the closest metaphor is that they “plug in to you and turn up your Divine Light”. You will be told (and often simply feel) when it is done, and the Practitioner will tell you anything they are guided to in order to support the session – sometimes, it’s an understanding of what transpired, other things that were related to your intention that cleared out in the process. The Practitioner may or may not have anything specific to share; this is completely irrelevant to the amount of work that was done.

During the session, sometimes you may feel nothing at all; sometimes you may feel a huge sense of peace and relaxation; sometimes you’ll feel heavier during and then lighter afterward; sometimes you may feel a HUGE shift immediately! However, the biggest effects tend to happen after the session, and often for days/weeks afterward, as your reality transforms and shifts with the dissolution of whatever partition(s) you removed in the session. Important to note are changes in your life after a session – changes in relationships, in surrounding situations (home, work, etc.) – and also shifts in your thinking, feelings, and actions.

Sometimes the removal of a certain partition – or several – in a session (since it’s from the “core outwards”) will bring to light other issues that are ready to be released to the surface, because they were formerly shadowed/hidden by the other issues/partitions that you had in place beforehand and released.


Trinity Energy Progression helps open the pathways within and directly access the Divine/Christ Consciousness. It helps us to remove all partitions we have created within ourselves. A very, very quick list of possibilities beyond the basic include crystal connecting/cleansing, house cleansing, paranormal resolution, water/food cleansing and shifting of vibration, situation resolution, plants, insects, psychic development, collective and over-soul healing.

Is Trinity Energy Progression for me?

Yes, Trinity Energy Progression can be used by all of us. You can use it to work with all kinds of consciousness, situations, realities, experiences… it’s limitless! Once the client gets the hang of remembering how to exist in this way, everything simply because a part of “the play”.

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