Rapid Personal Transformation

What is Rapid Personal Transformation (RPT)?

Rapid Personal Transformation therapy is an advanced version of Reference Point Therapy founded by the International Business Coach, Spiritual Master Simon Rose. RPT is said to be a purely conversational therapy also known as talking therapy and hence does not involve any medical treatment or religious/spiritual views. It is considered highly effective for its long-lasting results.

Rapid Personal Transformation Therapy is an all in one technique because it helps you overcome all types of issues and illnesses be it mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. RPT is not only an extremely helpful technique to overcome past traumas, old emotions and mental as well as physical blocks but also is an excellent talking based tool for personal development and growth.

How does Rapid Personal Transformation work?

Rapid Personal Transformation Therapy is the life work of Simone Rose who developed these exceptional techniques with the help of neurologists, geneticists, psychologists and spiritual healers. Therefore, it involves all types of sciences and psychological concepts resulting in an overall wellbeing of the client.

Rapid Personal Transformation practitioners believe in a guided conversation with clients instead of putting them to sleep or reprogramming their mind. This conversation is focused yet gentle as it safely guides you through the release of unpleasant feelings and emotions. The RPT practitioner will neither make you talk about your past issues and experiences nor will they make you relive the memories that haunt you, rather they will simply bring your conscious awareness to the physical instincts resulting in a rapid and permanent healing.


The most impressive fact of a Rapid Personal Transformation Therapy session is that you do not have to spend weeks, months or years to achieve a balanced and healthy state of being. The name of this therapy itself suggests that the expected changes are rapid. It is fast, safe and long lasting at the same time.

How will Rapid Personal Transformation benefit me?


1- It will help you boost your confidence level and improves your communication skills in public.


2- It will help you create successful personal as well as professional relationships.


3- It can release past traumas irrespective of how old they are.


4- will give crystal clear guidance for your career and life goals.


5- It is extremely helpful in healing mental physical as well as sexual abuses.


6- It can also help you quit smoking and other addictions.


7- Helps to fight with all types of anxiety, stress and, depression.

Hear it from our users

Lisa Halliday

“I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Antonella. She is a great therapist. The session was deep and profound, Thank you”

Fatima Ellahi

“This is first experience of my life. My daughter Fatima is suffering from CKD. After the session I found her more confident towards her healthy life.”

Vina Chalice

“Antonella help me with migraines and dry eyes. I felt very relaxed in the session that I wanted to sleep! The next day I noticed that my Vision is sharper and I believe that my immune system is coming to balance”

Lisa Halliday

“I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Antonella. She is a great therapist. The session was deep and profound, Thank you”

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