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Daily News Intake and Mental Health
Beginner . 18 Min 00 Sec . 52 enrolled

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At present the news has become quite overwhelming to us all. Unfortunately, we cannot escape what’s going on around the world; but we can limit our exposure to it. Keeping in mind the effects of the influx of news to our mental health, this course aims to help you balance out your news intake and your headspace. Discover the underlying nature of news which affects how we feel about our existence as an individual in our society, serving to be a microcosm of the functioning of the world. The course seeks to tease out the negative impacts that the Internet and online news resources can cause. Amidst an inescapable grid of news and surge of information, how does one ground oneself?

The course is tailored to prepare you to sift the quality and quantity of news intake for a vigorous mindset and a good mood throughout the day.

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I have studied Cognitive Behavioural therapy from Staffordshire University in 2012 and Post Graduate Certificate in integrated mental Health Care in 2007 from Univers...

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