Healing Clouds Code of Ethics is an understanding of how practitioners are supposed to approach situations and circumstances, the ethical principles based on the Healing Cloud core values and the standards to which the practitioners are held. If a given conduct is not addressed in specific by this Code of Ethics, it does not necessarily mean that the conduct is ethical or unethical. The Code of Ethics applies to all professional activities of the practitioners across all aspects and contexts. Any lack of understanding or a misunderstanding of this Code of Ethic cannot be construed as a defensive stand against charges of unethical conduct. Moreover, this Code of Ethics includes, but is not limited to the clauses mentioned in this section.



It is the mission of Healing Clouds to provide easily accessible sessions for everyone, with the help of licensed professional practitioners, by providing a platform for holistic healing and counseling across the globe.


  • The primary responsibility of Healing Clouds practitioners is to promote the health, dignity and well-being of all its clients.
  • Healing Clouds practitioners make every effort to ensure that ethical and professional standards of care are met at each stage of the service being provided.
  • Healing Clouds practitioners will not discriminate or impose judgments or personal values on the client, either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Healing Clouds practitioners will establish and maintain professional boundaries.
  • Healing Clouds practitioners will assess the quality of their services by taking continuous feedback and inputs from their patients throughout the sessions. At no point will the practitioners abandon or leave the patient in the midst of sessions, unless if asked by the patient specifically due to a valid reason.
  • Healing Clouds practitioners uphold confidentiality at all times. They will limit the amount of personal information shared, sufficient as per clinical supervision. The only exception to this shall be when a case requires the practitioner to divulge into personal details for the benefit of the client and upon the client’s consent.
  • Healing Clouds practitioners take into account the fact that how their services are perceived and understood by the patient/client. Basis this, the practitioner needs to adapt and adjust his/her interactions in a manner where it is acceptable by and comfortable for the client.
  • Healing Clouds practitioners are aware that they should keep abreast of the knowledge advances in their own practices and should strive to update themselves on a regular basis.
  • Healing Clouds practitioners participate in all trainings on the Healing Clouds platform and providing service to clients.
  • Healing Clouds practitioners shall stay connected to Healing Clouds administration. They shall also take necessary precautionary measures to ensure prevention of any data breach, especially NPI.
  • Healing Clouds practitioners shall ensure that they have the necessary competencies and resources to administer the services they offer to the clients. Moreover, they shall make an effort to take necessary steps to uphold these resources and competencies at all times.