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Help your people thrive
in competitive spaces
with an empowered headspace.


With Healingclouds’
your teams get

Online Therapy

1:1 online therapy sessions with
global pool of accredited therapists

Online Courses

Library of therapist-led online
courses on a variety of categories

Live Classes

Interactive therapist-led live
classes on diverse topics

Guided Meditations

Tailored guided meditations
paired with online courses

Better today, everyday.

Employees report feeling more productive,
engaged and happier in just a few weeks
of therapy

Impact of symptoms outsideof work decreased by 39% Hours missed at workdecreased by 50% 39% 50% Productivity at workincreased by 36% 36%
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Custom Care

Get 360° mental wellbeing
support for your personal


Text or call your therapist
to connect with your thoughts
anytime you need.


Your team can feel safe in
seeking help through our
secure and private platform.


Start by addressing
your challenges with

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Start by sharing your challenges,
worries or requirements


Our algorithm matches you with the most
suitable therapist as per your needs


Pick a preferred time to book your
appointment and start your healing journey.


healing clouds testimonials

Healingclouds was the platform of choice for us in terms of employee wellbeing as we wanted to partner with our wellbeing supplier, not just buy an out of the box solution that was faceless and cold. We wanted to take ourselves beyond a box ticking exercise and have an interactive partnership and solution that grew with our business and engaged our people.

Jennifer from Circle IT

healing clouds testimonials

Our employee’s wellbeing has always been important to us, and as part of that we encourage open communication on mental health. We wanted to give our people something that allowed them to explore content in their own time and at their own pace. If you are looking for something to enhance an employee wellbeing or engagement programme, I would not hesitate to recommend Healingclouds.

Jo from Event Concept

healing clouds testimonials

Healingclouds have been and continue to be a pleasure to work with. We have been a partner of HC for a few months now and apart from offering a great product/service you can tell that everyone there really cares about helping people. Looking after mental health is vital and this service has made it more affordable and available to people than ever before. Great work guys

Amar from PPC Protect

healing clouds testimonials

Healingclouds have always been professional, organised and friendly to work with. Head of Wellbeing Ashley goes out of her way to assist us with content creation by helping us to generate creative ideas to inspire Heka users to look after their mental health. We love the team’s forward-thinking approach to mental health and look forward to continuing our partnership through more exciting projects in the future.

Emma from HekaHappy

healing clouds testimonials

Working with Healingclouds has been an honor to say the least. Their company mission is simply to help people become the healthiest version of themselves mentally whether through affordable 1 on 1 therapy or self-led courses, there is a solution for everyone. As a partner, you can tell that their team is fully behind this and truly dedicated to helping all that they can

Jocelyn from MyLeon

healing clouds testimonials

Healingclouds has helped me to dive deeper and learn about practices that can help me identify when stress and anxiety are coming and how to deal with them before they become an issue. I previously relied mostly on consumer meditation apps as almost reactive medicine when I may have already found myself in a stressful mood or situation. Healingclouds on the other hand has been more like a vitamin for mental health that has helped me learn more about how to manage stress before it becomes overwhelming

Ryan from Sworkit

healing clouds testimonials

Working with Healingclouds is an enjoyable and productive experience, and has been from the very first point of contact. Such a genuinely great and passionate team, all so incredibly engaged and invested, and as a result they are an absolute joy to work with. Importantly too, we’re delighted to be able to offer their services on The Lifestyle Voucher so customers now have the choice to improve their mental wellbeing

Andy from Motivates

how it works healing clouds

Ready to support
your employees?