Become a Practitioner


  • Certified by an Institution or a Regulatory Body to provide healing and therapy in the list of approved modalities or practices at Healing Clouds
  • Experience in individual healing, therapy and/or counseling for adults for a minimum of 12 months
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills
  • Stable and reliable internet connection
  • Laptop or Desktop with working Camera and Microphone

Note: Practitioners are not Healing Clouds employees, but independent providers.

Let’s heal the world today!

3 Reasons to Join Us

JOIN FOR FREE No Sign up or Listing Fee! Register yourself for free and start your journey in connecting with clients globally to promote your practice and generate revenue.

GLOBAL OUTREACH Create your profile to reach out to a global audience whom you can connect with using our platform. You can decide your own schedules and start your practice online.

YOUR COMPLETE CRM We help you focus on only one thing - helping your clients. Our platform manages scheduling, reminders, billing and marketing for you. With the flexibility of conducting at your convenience, you’re in full control of managing your practice.