About Us

About us

Healing Clouds - Your Partner in Health and Wellness

Healing Clouds offers alternative and holistic healing services that are effective, provide relief and an array of health benefits. Our services are designed to give clients qualitative sessions all around the world and our online platform values the client/practitioner relationship while offering comprehensive service and support.

Our Mission

Healing Clouds is a client centric online platform that strives to bring practitioners and clients closer together so that anyone can connect with practitioners via live video calls and receive the help they need anywhere in the world.

As one of the industry’s leading names in holistic healing therapy, we have made it our mission to build awareness amongst people about the many different holistic healthcare practices of holistic healing so they can start benefiting from them and make changes in their lives.

Why Choose Healing Clouds?

We provide a wide range of holistic healing and therapy services through our innovative and secured video call platform.

We help clients from all over the world to connect with practitioners who are standing by to serve their needs. Our practitioners are experienced and credible professionals and we validate their certifications and experience through an intensive registration process. With Healing Clouds, you choose the practitioner you would like to work with and only then can they contact you.

We’re the number one source for affordable and effective distant holistic healing therapy.

Keeping Your Online Session Safe and Secure

Our video call platform is equipped with advanced security keeping the content of your sessions secured and encrypted.

 Reasons Why People Prefer Online Healing Therapy
  • Online healing therapy sessions are more affordable
  • Clients can filter and choose practitioners based on their personal preferences
  • No time is spent commuting, as opposed to that spent commuting to a physical session
  • You can attend the session from the comfort of your own home
 Our Online Therapists Are Certified
  • Our practitioners will always state their credentials in their profile. Official websites for practices such as ThetaHealing®, Reconnective Healing® and Pranic Healing will further help explain their certifications.
  • You can always ask your practitioner about their credentials and their explanations.
 Our Code of Ethics

 Online practitioners follow a code of ethics set by the bodies that licensed them. We have also set our own general rules:

  • Our online practitioner must protect your confidentiality and records of your sessions
  • Our online practitioner can only interact with you in terms of a healing session and not in a personal or intimate one
  • Our online practitioners have to be fully qualified and certified in the practices they offer
  • Our online practitioners cannot make false or misleading claims about what the healing sessions provide

Your practitioner is ready to start the journey with you today!