Your mental health is a priority for us.

We built Healingclouds with passion because we care about what we do. It started with our mental health which has led to a mission to make mental wellbeing affordable and accessible to everyone.

We dream to create a world where we don’t have to wait for mental breakdown to happen to seek counselling. We are devoted to help you in your pursuit of healing and your growth that you rightfully deserve.

asim amin healing clouds
Asim Amin

Founder & CEO

Nabil healing clouds
Nabil Ismail

Co - Founder & COO

Ramiz healing clouds
Ramiz Khan


asim amin healing clouds
Jelena Bin Drai

Advisor - Business Development

asim amin healing clouds
Nigel Edwards

Advisor - Sales, Operations

asim amin healing clouds
Neeta Mundra

Advisor - Strategy, Growth

asim amin healing clouds
Ahsan Mallick

Advisor - Corporate Governance

Sakshi healing clouds
Sakshi Shrivastava

Head of Marketing

Elisabetta Torretti healing clouds
Elisabetta Torretti

Head of Partnerships

Sakshi healing clouds
Nadia Ajmal

Head of People

hebe healing clouds
Hebe Horley

Digital Marketing Executive

Pallavi healing clouds
Pallavi Kumari

Content Specialist

Mustapha Jalloh healing clouds
Mustapha Jalloh

Therapist Operations Specialist

asim amin healing clouds
Pedro França

Design Expert

Shreya healing clouds
Shreya Kulkarni

Operations Associate

lucky healing clouds
Lucky Haytov

Data Analyst

dodo healing clouds

Barketeing Pawficcer

coco healing clouds

Mis-chief pawficcer

henry healing clouds

Purrformance Manager

rosceo healing clouds

International Snuggle Head

minu healing clouds

Human-feline relations expert

ziggy healing clouds

Treat testing team

Ppou Ginger healing clouds
Popu Ginger

Opurrations Specialist

Eva healing clouds

Adventure Management

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